Sunday, November 8, 2009


I sneaked out in the middle of the night to watch this movie and I was glad I had done that. It is not actually a movie but more of a documentary of a concert that-would-never-be by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I grew up with MJ, as early as when I was in form 1, listening to his songs and watching his moves. He indeed had changed the world with his music. But too bad, he was gone too early. This film was about the rehearsals that they had for his concert planned to be held in London just before his death. He was only performing for the rehearsals but you would be mesmerized by his music, his songs, his dance moves and best of all, his charisma as a true performer on stage, as if you were watching the real concert. Everything on stage was huge, and how people had worked very hard to put such a show. The dancing was superb. The dancers had to be chosen from hundreds who came for the audition, then they were eliminated until the few were chosen as for the concert, something like "So You Think You Can Dance". As mentioned from the interview, the dancers "were the extension of MJ" and "they must have the ooze" to perform. At times, I wonder how these people could move in such a way, synchronized and beautifully choreographed, as if they were MJ themselves. And the most important thing, I was enjoying myself listening to all the songs, feeling every beat and every word. And when he sang "Beat It", I felt like I was 13 again.

Now, stand up everybody, and kowtow to the King. I have truly enjoyed myself, and for those who have not watched this film yet, shame on you. Ooppss, sorry for being too emotional.