Monday, November 16, 2009


I had to go to Batu Pahat for an official assignment. I asked Zahari, an ex-student, to tag along as he was having his semester break and had nothing to do at home. After the mission was accomplished, off we went to a few places along the way home.

stopped for lunch at a nasi beriyani shop in Peserai

outside and inside Pacific Mall Batu Pahat

After lunch, we went to the newest shopping complex in Batu Pahat. Tried to catch a movie, but we were not allowed entry because there were no other people watching that particular film. We tried again for another movie, and we got the same answer. There should be at least five people watching then only they would show.

at Clay Tan factory outlet in Air Hitam

Then, we stopped at the small town of Air Hitam because I needed to buy a few things. Air Hitam is well-known for its pottery and ceramic products as well as traditional home-made food prepared by the villagers. Before the completion of the North-South Highway, it was a lively place. Express buses, lorries and travelling people would stop here as the town was located in the middle of the route. Back then, there were not that many eating places operating 24-hours so people did not have much choice.

flowers, flowers, all around...

And before heading home, we stopped at Machap R&R. We had the Big Apple Donuts bought earlier at the mall, which was my first time. MY REVIEW: the doughnuts were too soft, it was almost like a piece of bread, unlike Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme. I guess it was not my cup of tea. However, the the toppings and fillings come in variety of colours and flavours , so the temptation is quite strong. The look can be deceiving though. Oh now I am even doing food review in my blog.
enjoying Big Apple Donut at Machap R&R

Thanks to Zahari for being a good company, and a good navigator cum photographer indeed. I did not feel asleep at all while driving all the way to and fro. Maybe we will go and catch another movie another time.