Sunday, November 22, 2009


I seldom watch Malay movies but this time the urge was there. Most probably I was enticed by the beautiful trailer that I saw before. Well, as expected, the story is something about how two young women on a cruise ship, characters played by Maya Karin and Fazura, going after very rich men around. Then, to make the story more complicated, one of the old rich men (Rahim Razali), is dead and suspected of being murdered. He is there with his three wives and two children, so Fazura is trying to help this one private investigator (Aaron Aziz) to solve the mystery. On the other hand, Maya who has fallen for one of the available widowers (Eizlan Yusof) has this other admirer (must be a newcomer because I don't know his name) who never ever gives up.

It is actually a comedy and my comment: it is not that bad for a Malay movie. There are hilarious moments and I can say that it will not put you to sleep. No regrets. My last word: support our local film industry if the film is good, that is.