Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have you ever played this counseling game where you are given a situation that the earth is going to explode. Miraculously, there is this one rocket that can transport you and a few other people to the moon to escape destruction. Nevertheless, you can only choose a few to bring along from a list given. So, who will the lucky people be?

That is the conflict featured in the movie 2012. Not really a doomsday because in the end there are still people alive and kicking on planet earth. Superb graphic effect, you can see things which are larger than life. High entertainment value for those who like explosion and people dying everywhere. Quite stressful to watch actually because in the end, the lesson you can learn is, if you want to escape terrible things in life you have to be (1) very clever (2) powerful and rich (3) be someone related to number 2 OR (4) do it the dirty way e.g. sneaking your way into the spaceship. Go watch a comedy, you are too young for this kind of thing.