Tuesday, November 3, 2009


with Shih Chau, Jian Zi, Ying Zhi and Chen Kok during the last meeting
with Izzat

I just finished the final work for my UHB1412 class. What a relief because now I can concentrate on other work that needs to be completed. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to teach English part time in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Other than earning the extra money, I get to face a different kind of audience. As many might think it is easy to teach university students, I always take it as a challenge. I always find that these people definitely need both a lot of coaching and pushing, to make sure that they could do well.

This semester I was teaching the students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. They were fun in class and most of them worked hard to complete the assigned tasks. I wish I could give them all high marks, but unfortunately, I could not. Anyway, wish them the very best of luck in their future undertakings and hopefully they can do something to improve their English.

Anyway, let's have a look at their final project where they had to present their final essay based on the topics they have chosen. Most of their work is bulky so sooner or later these things will need to be destroyed due to storage problem. Nevertheless, these are a few good ones that I like and worth showing.

Then only I understood, the heart-shaped box is related to the topic "heart disease".

Topic: "fast food", and it is real big

Topic: "obesity", another big one but looks yummy.
Topic: climate change, an impressive piece of work!

Most of the time, it is just easy to do evaluation of students' work just by looking at what they have produced. Definitely, creativity and hard work will get you a better grade.