Thursday, July 8, 2010


Two days ago, after the first few visits to Sultanah Aminah Hospital, eventually I had the chance to see face to face with the urologist specialist there.

As usual, there was a long wait. Just too many people but too few specialist doctors around to attend to the patients and these patients at the clinic came from all over Johor . That is the present scenario at public hospitals in our country. The waiting is never ending and the doctors are never enough.

Then after that, I had to walk around to various places as the doctor suggested for a minor surgery for me. I had to go to two x-ray theatres, clinical lab for the blood test results, a room for a heart check and the office of the anaesthetist. I spent about 5 hours there.

It sounds really scary to undergo a surgery no matter how minor that is going to be but I guess I don't have much choice. Just pray for the best, hope that it will not be painful and I will recover fast. And another good thing, later I can blog my experience at the ward which will be my first time. But for now I am hoping for a miracle that I do not have to go through that experience no matter how interesting it may be.