Thursday, July 15, 2010


the male teachers in the school batik

The school Open Day was held today. Parents were invited to school to see the teachers so they would be well informed about their kids' performance academically. Other than that, the parents would be briefed on other issues which were related to their children's behaviour in school.

people came and went

entrepreneurs setting up stalls

parents waiting for their turn to meet the teachers

A few parents with their children started to arrive as early as 7:00 a.m. to get things done and over with, and most probably they had to go to work right after the meeting. The attendance was quite good, many people turned up but sadly for some, they just did not care. Just imagine, within a period of one year, this could be one of the few days when parents could come and see face to face with the teachers.

view from the front of the block

the view inside the damaged room

At the same time, another bad incident took place on the same day. As I arrived in school, I realized that there was something room with the Discipline Room. It was on fire the night before. This reminded me of the same thing that happened to our staff room a few years back on Open Day. I did not know honestly whether this was act of arson or the result of a short circuit but I really hope the fire happened because of the latter. So we have now to move seven teachers out from that room but the question that still has to be answered is: where to?