Sunday, July 4, 2010


Initially it was supposed to be an outing for a movie but the timing was not that right and there was no exciting show to watch. We could not have dinner outside because someone had to watch the quarter final match of the World Cup. So, a last minute decision actually, we decided to watch the live telecast at my house.

Frankly speaking, I did not follow the World Cup as I would doze off watching the games alone. The spirit was just not there. However, the only game that I watched so far before this was the one between England and Germany because it was THE game that had to be watched. I was not surprised at all when Germany thrashed the opponent 4-1. The English team had been too commercialized. They played not to win but for the publicity.

We had something to munch throughout the game and I could tell you that we had better food than the mamak-operated restaurants with big screens.

In this game, the match was between Germany and Argentina. And being a visitor to the country recently, I definitely supported Germany. By the way, I even told my prediction to my form one class that Holland and Germany would go through to the semis. People had high hopes for Brazil and Argentina, but who were we to decide?

Game over, people went missing

It was an exciting game, and it was more exciting to have other people to watch with you. I guess I need to have this kind of viewing session more often soon. So thanks to Mr. Azeze, Mr. Hazizul and Mr. Shah Erhan. Go Germany!