Saturday, July 31, 2010


having our morning tea

I was in Malacca recently but not as a tourist but to see an alternative medical practitioner. As I had a lot of time to spend, so Mr. Solleh (an ex-student who is now studying in Canada and on holiday) and I contacted Mr. Sharudin (from SPM batch 2006 and of the same batch of Mr. Soleh)  who is currently studying in UiTM Melaka to get around the historical city.

So we went to a few historical sites as quickly as possible because Mr. Sharudin would a have a class at 2:30 p.m. By the way, Malacca has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site because of the old builidngs and relics left by the Portuguese and Dutch when Malacca was colonized in the 16th and 17th century.

We walked up the St. Paul's Hill where there is a church on top of the Hill, then walked down to A-Famosa fort, stopped at the museum which is a replica of a Malay palace and lastly went to see the Stadhyus (I will check the spelling for this later).

We lastly took a ride up (and down) the Taming Sari tower, a rotating cabin that enabled us to get a bird-eye view of Malacca and the whole tour took seven minutes only and cost RM10 for MyKad holders

an accidental fire truck

So the short tour ended with a lunch at McD because Mr. Sharudin refused to skip class while Mr. Solleh and I continued spending our time at Pahlawan Mall before checking in at Sri Malaysia Hotel.

at the lobby of Sri Malaysia Hotel

So thank you to both my ex-students for the company. There are definitely more things to do and see in Malacca but time just did not permit. I will be posting more pictures and stories (and video too) of the historical sites of Malacca later.