Tuesday, July 27, 2010


To all the Malay Language speakers/learners, try to spot the error in this picture. Just to warm you up after the long silence.

I have abandoned the blog for a week already. One main reason, my PC at home is not working and I am waiting for a friend to come and help. Luckily, I still have my broadband and I am operating from the school's notebook but unluckily, this machine is also problematic in its own way. I had to go to a nearby cybercafe and post the pictures to my email for the fear of virus infection to my cameras' memory cards. It happened once, when I copied pictures direct from the camera and then transferred them into the hardisk, my camera went capoot and I had to get it fixed at a camera shop. Then only, from this notebook, I would get all the pictures from the email and upload them in the blog. But as I will be returning back to school really soon after one week of sick leave, things will be less complicated. Not to worry, once a blogger, always a blogger.