Wednesday, February 12, 2014


TOPIC: Poem "I Wonder" by Jeanne Kirby
OBJECTIVE: Students should be able to read and understand the poem by drawing pictures which are related to the poem.
TASK: Copy the poem and draw pictures which are related to its content.

I am happy to see some people from my Set A1 form 2 English Class have put their hearts and souls into the assigned work to be done at home so I have decided to publish their final products in my blog. The task is quite simple but they have proven their seriousness in completing their work. Bravo!

(1) Siti Aisyah Abu Bakar

(2) Siti Maisara Mohd. Rozainee


(3) Lau Hui Ci

(4) Sarmitha

(5) Nurul Asyikin Abd. Rahman

(6) Ng Lilian

(7) Nur Ameera Azwa

(8) Muhd. Zaqrul Ieman Zulkifli

(9) Muhammad Akmal Jasmani


(10) Muhammad Raqib Ayub

*Note: Most students use colour pencils to do their work and it does not appear that striking after the photos have been scanned. The pictures look much better in real life. :)