Thursday, February 13, 2014


3rd December 2013 ~ "Puzzling World" is actually a Science Centre that only focuses on ONE major sub-topic out of the thousands possible chapters from the Science/Physics books: OPTICAL ILLUSION. Here, Science comes alive and whatever you have seen in your books before unfold themselves in front of you in a much bigger and believable scale. Situated in Wanaka, an hour drive away from Queenstown, this is a place suitable for both the kids and adults. You can always explore and get involved with the exhibits or activities and if you have more time, you should try to get into the maze here, as I heard some people had spent hours trying to find their way out, but we did not as we had only an hour to spend.

something to do with gravity

suddenly I became a giant


now you can see where it will go :)

now you see it, now you don't

together forever and never to part

play all you can

my dream came true - I was a Superman
Even though I was never good in Physics when I was in school, I had enjoyed myself tremendously here. You don't have to get A+ for the subject to come here.

NEXT: Do not miss the video with two (famous) actors (by now) at "Puzzling World".