Wednesday, February 19, 2014


TOPIC: Poem "I Wonder" by Jeanne Kirby
OBJECTIVE: Students should be able to read and understand the poem by drawing pictures which are related to the poem.
TASK: Copy the poem and draw pictures which are related to its content.

This was just the first "big" assignment given to my form one students but I was terribly happy with the products. It showed how some people went the extra mile to come up with impressive pieces of work. So as a reward for their hard work, let me display the combination of both their hard work and creativity.

Muhammad Ammar Mursyid b. Ramlan

Muhammad Amir Farhan b. Mat Faizal

Amirul Hakem

Fadlan b. Bohari

Insyirah bt. Azeman

Arifah Adani bt. Yahya

Nor Azira Roziha bt. Mohd. Ariff

Nur Syafiqah bt. Zaimusakhir

Nur Syafina

Wai Hou Man

Mohd. Shafiqal Daniel

Muhammad Afif b. Safie

Chun Yu Kai