Saturday, February 15, 2014


After "Puzzling World"in Wanaka, we went back straight to Queenstown as we had bought a ticket to get on a cable car ride at "Skyline".  So what we did was, just like other people there, to observe the beautiful Queenstown from a higher ground on the hill. I have already run out of words to describe the beautiful surrounding and I am sure these images would be imprinted in my mind for many more years to come.

The other activity that many people fancied doing was riding the luge, something like a go-cart without any engine that moved down the slopes. This was something that I was not informed earlier so I decided to give it a try since I had paid for it. It was such a scary experience for me - I thought I would be thrown out of the vehicle, roll down the hill and die that very instant. The second track, which was not for beginners definitely was more challenging and death-defying (I am exaggerating) so I only completed two out of four luge rides, which should be an achievement for me.

the sky lift that carry the luge rider to a much much higher ground

a short stretch of the luge track

When you come to Queenstown, make sure you will visit the "Skyline". This should be a must-visit venue and I am sure you will enjoy both the cable car and luge rides, as well as the beautiful nature.