Saturday, December 16, 2017


Wangari Maathai came from the village in Kenya and was among the earliest Kenyans to be chosen to further her studies in the US. However, being an intellectual was actually a threat to the husband and the male-dominated society. She was a person who had the heart of steel - being very persistent and determined in her endeavour to conserve the forest in Kenya, despite being a single mother to three young children. What she did mostly was to teach and ask uneducated women of the rural areas to plant trees.

Being an environmentalist had actually made her deal with the corrupt political state of her country and she was being seen as a danger who was always outspoken and loud in viewing her opinion against the government. This happened especially when deforestation took place because of (illegal) logging and development. Despite all the obstacles, she managed to gain international recognition and was later announced as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

A truly inspiring story and her auto-biography should be read by young people out there, especially those who aspire to be politicians one day.