Thursday, December 21, 2017


spot the giant monkey

15th OCTOBER 2017 ~ On the third day of my stay in Makassar, I decided to venture out of the city once again to Bantimurung National Park. I was still with the guide cum driver who happened to be an Uber driver I met the day before.

Visitors had to buy tickets to get into the park. There were separate tickets for locals and foreigners - and there was a vast difference of prices between the two. I however was give a ticket for a local as I looked very much like one from Makassar, or Indonesian.

the mosque inside the park

the accommodation

people doing aerobics

I was there on Sunday morning so people were already flocking the site. Picnickers were there with family and friends, enjoying the cool water cascading from the waterfalls. The place was large and there were many spots for people to swim or just get wet.

I was there just to observe - and not to join the big crowd.

There was also a trek for visitors to go further into the forest.