Saturday, December 23, 2017


15th OCTOBER 2017 ~ At the end of the trek, there was this cave called "Gua Batu" [translate: stone cave]. This would be one cave I wouldn't go into on my own. To get inside, you had to rent a torchlight at the entrance or else you would not be able to see a single thing.

The place was real dark and wet. One would need to walk carefully as the floor was watery and slippery. There would be water dripping on you from the ceiling, and the air was damp which produced a kind of unpleasant smell.

Luckily there was a group of people, local Indonesians, who went at the same time so I simply stood and walked close to them. They were however happily taking photographs with as many poses as possible at different spots of the cave.

There were a lot of stalactite formations as a result of water activities for long, long years.

There would be smaller hole which would lead people to another chamber of the cave but one had to crawl on bend down to pass through it.

There is another cave that could be visited there called "Gua Mimpi" but I did not go. One reason, there was a guide waiting at the entrance expecting for people to pay him for the tour inside the cave.