Monday, January 23, 2017


22nd JANUARY 2017 ~ Mr. Ng Ching Kai [SPM batch 2013] and I decided to meet up at Old Town White Coffee in Taman Universiti a week before Chinese New Year just to get the tradition going. After goodies had exchanged hands, we did some catching up with the latest updates and gossips, which were not much actually, but the conversation was still very much alive.

my first "ang pau" [red packet] of the year

So far we still manage to do this every year, even after Mr. Ng Ching Khai left SMK Taman Universiti in 2013, I hope we can will still continue the well-wishing activity for many more years to come. Thanks a lot Mr. Ng. Ching Kai and also all the family members for redefining my role as a teacher beyond the classroom walls.