Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This is one very sad book. It tells the story of James Rova who had a depressing childhood and growing up time. He never met his father and his mother did not love him as she should, and was sometimes treated him cruelly. At one time, she even hit his girlfriend, Harriet, until her love for Rova died. He had a brother who bullied and looked down on him all the time and later was mentally unstable and was sent to live in a mental hospital. The only person who loved him so was his grandmother. And surprisingly a few people in the neighbourhood who accepted him and showered him with their affection, and he to them. Rove however survived the tough time and managed to get a first class honour from university and still the novel ended in a sombre note.

I am glad I picked up this book at the book sale many years ago and continued reading despite its monotonous and slow introduction chapter. This book is actually a memoir based on the author's boyhood growing up story and that is the reason the storytelling is so honest and real. I need to get more William Horwood's books after this. 

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