Monday, January 9, 2017


6TH DECEMBER 2016 ~ We actually wanted to go to Tad Sae Waterfalls. Again, the teachers-on-holiday group, the three of us and Mr. Foo and his wife from Ipoh went together. Thanks again to Mr. Foo for getting us a tuk tuk for 26 000 Kip each for the trips to and fro. Tad Sae Waterfalls is 26 kilometres away from the town.

We thought we could directly get to the waterfalls by tuk tuk. We were wrong and actually were surprised when we saw stalls, boats and a river. We just realized that we needed to get on a boat to get to the waterfalls and SOMEONE was really not happy - try and guess who? However, she did not have any choice but to go with the flow, literally speaking.

"I am so sexy and I know it."

The accidental boat ride took about 10-15 minutes on Nam Khan River. The water was really calm, and there was no sight of floating crocodiles. The tuk tuk driver followed us on the boat which was a relief as we we scared we would not know how to get back to the town if he ran away without waiting for us.

the "jetty" at the entry point to the waterfalls

Not to worry as the boat operator should be someone very experienced to manoeuvre you on the water. We could not swim and there was no life jackets to be seen. It was one smooth cruise on the river and I must say we enjoyed it very much, hoping it would last much longer.