Tuesday, February 14, 2017


30th JANUARY 2017 ~ Once we arrived in Parapat, we were pleasantly surprised after checking in to find out our room was located right in front of Lake Toba. This is the first time I am publishing two parts for my hotel review in my blog, as there was so much to see from the hotel itself.

We were very happy with our second accommodation and we were lucky to be given the room at this particular block which was the nearest to the lake. There were other rooms which were quite far and would get the scenic view. The room was spacious but there was no air-conditioner or fan as the lake should provide a lower temperature to the environment. However, we had to close the glass windows as mosquitoes kept coming in at night and disturbed our sleep, and then the room got a bit warm.

the view from the bed

from the balcony

The hotel was more like a resort and it was built on a large and hilly area. We went exploring late in the afternoon and we had to climb quite a high hill, and the dining room was located there at the highest point of the area.

the small town of Parapat seen from the higher level

the view at night

the view in the morning

Even the dining hall was beautiful as it was surrounded by glass panels so we could see the mountains/hills and lake while eating our breakfast.