Sunday, February 12, 2017


30TH JANUARY 2017 ~ Before we pushed off to Lake Toba, we managed to visit the morning market near the hotel at Jalan Setia Budi. I always find it informative and entertaining to visit a local market where I can mingle with the community. At the same time, I could see whether there is anything that I could buy to bring back home.

spot the cats

It was another typical morning market where people came to get their daily stock of fish, vegetables and fruits. There was nothing peculiar here, like what I had seen in Indochina. It had probably rained the night before as the road was slightly wet and muddy.

soy cake

I bought two blocks of the squarish "tempe" home

local "kuih" (sweet cakes) for breakfast

this was before going back on the last day

I managed to get original Indonesian "tempe" (fermented soy cake), snake skin fruits ("buah salak") and raw "belinjau" crackers from the market before leaving Medan on the last day.

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