Friday, February 10, 2017


29th JANUARY 2017 ~ After the walk in the park, it was time to see the landscape of Medan city that should revealed its history. The old buildings erected during the Dutch occupation (hence the influence on the architecture) could be seen standing around the area of Lapangan Merdeka. They were all in good conditions, and were well-preserved.

Medan is the fifth largest city by population and the third largest city by land area in Indonesia. It was once an important trade and commerce centre for Sumatera Island and that should explain the colonial structures around. For one thing, I found that the traffic jam in Medan was more bearable than Jakarta and Bandung.

the Post Office

Bank Indonesia

Mandiri Bank at Lapangan Merdeka

London Sumatera Indonesia

antique Vespa motorcycles on display

a new hotel in the city

the railway station

a common sight in the city
We would need more time to learn more of the city's history but it was getting late and we were getting exhausted. Medan. I did not expect to see many historical buildings here.

Click HERE to read more about the historical/colonial buildings in Medan.

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