Monday, February 13, 2017


30th JANUARY 2017 ~ One of the must-do things when in Indonesia was to eat its popular Nasi Padang [translate: Padang Rice]. I think this food originated from Padang, another city in Indonesia, hence the name. You would have to eat your rice with variety of dishes put on the dining table for you to choose. You will be charged according to the dish taken from the plate. If there are 3 pieces of chicken in the plate and you take only a piece, you will still have to pay for all the three pieces. So make sure you finish everything once a type of dish from a plate is taken.

We stopped for lunch (as suggested by the driver cum guide) at this eating place called Panorama Restaurant located at a place called Pematang Siantar, on the way from the city to Parapat. I would choose the sate [barbecued meat on sticks] as the dish to die for.

We had more Nasi Padang after this, but we were allowed to choose the dishes from the food counter. That would be much cheaper as we had limited food choice in our plates.