Saturday, February 18, 2017


17th FEBRUARY 2017 ~ Puan Sakinah Ismail, her husband and daughter were in town, so a quick dinner date was set. I forgot to tell them then the Chingay procession was going (to be) in progress in town and they were stuck in a very bad traffic congestion for a long time. They could not even check in at the hotel which is located in the city centre so they diverted to meet me at my favourite murtabak stall at the food court in Kampung Melayu.


Puan Sakinah is my ex-coursemate from UPM TESL group and her husband too is also from the same university who is no stranger to me.

Too bad I could not join them tomorrow in Singapore as I have had many plans already. I still have to thank them for the short get together over dinner and also for the souvenirs from their trips abroad.