Thursday, May 24, 2018


25th MARCH 2018 ~ I finally did what other people must have done much earlier in their lives - getting a ride on the famous Penang Ferry.

When I arrived at the ferry terminal, I was searching for a ticket counter but there was none. I even asked one of the staff but he just asked me to get on the ferry without explaining. I thought I would have to buy the ticket on board. I did not know that the ride from the island to the mainland was free of charge. FREE! (You still have to pay a cheap fare if you are traveling the opposite direction).

This should be one of the historic moment of my life and I made full use of the short time on the ferry - enjoying the view and the experience.

There were not many people on the ferry so photographing was very easy. I guess it is not as popular now as it was last time.

arriving at the mainland

I was glad I had the chance to be on the Penang Ferry which was one of the earliest means of transportation in the country, before the Penang Bridge was completed. It might be a bit too late for a first timer but better late than never.

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