Thursday, May 17, 2018


15th MAY 2018 ~ This should be the last movie before Ramadhan started. I was just taking the risk getting the tickets online (as he who hesitates is lost) and surprisingly someone was really eager to join the fun to watch the movie on its first of day of screening in cinema. Thanks Mr. Nazafee for being the partner in crime.

I will definitely NOT tell you what was happening in the film as some people will be unhappy for the spoilers  but I must say I enjoyed it very much. There would be a lot of violence in the killing scenes but they were balanced by the hilarious and comical events as well. Not suitable for young kids but I am quite sure with the internet, they could watch things much worse than this. One thing I learned was that being lucky was actually a superpower which was possessed by one of the characters.

By the way, do you know that the OST of Deadpool 2 is sung by the legendary Celine Dion? You should watch its music video to see the unbelievably funny side of her. The is the only MV where the mutant superhero could be seen dancing around the stage with a diva superstar.

A MUST WATCH especially if you have seen the first one. Not many movies have good sequels nowadays.