Thursday, May 3, 2018


17th MARCH 2018 ~ We were then taken to Tamil Street to try another must-eat street food in Georgetown by our host, Puan Aishah Aboo Bakar. There was this stall called "AIS TINGKAP" (translate: window ice) and there was obviously no window that could be seen. There were many people already in front of the stall, waiting for their order.

Iced Sarbat was this red drinks with a lot of ice and small seed-like, crunchy jelly [basil seed?] that would quench one's thirst during a scorching, hot day on the road.

When in Penang, you must eat Penang Laksa, obviously.

Then our takuo rendang arrived and I was searching for the rendang (a traditional Malay dish) but there was none. Then only I informed that "rendang" in northern dialect would refer to something that is fried and takuo is actually "tauhu" or soy cake.

Penang is well-known for its street food, and has been promoted on travel channels and travel books for this. I was glad I had the opportunity to try out some (or just  a few) of its famous must-eat (and must-drink) items on the list and I am willing to go back again for more.

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