Wednesday, May 23, 2018


24th MARCH 2018 ~ Another reunion took place in Georgetown but this time not with a friend from my UPM TESL group. Mr. Mohd. Asrulnizam was a friend made during the era when PMR examination was still in operation and I had to go to series of  meetings for English held annually. We always made sure we would become roommates as we had to stay for the session for a few days. From there friendship developed.

A date was set and Mr. Asrulnizam took me to this restaurant called Hameediyah, the oldest Nasi Kandar (restaurant) in Malaysia. so this should be some kind of a historical eating place in the country. My other friends actually had planned to get me here the day before but the shop was not opened on Friday.

There were already people making a beeline at the food counter when we arrived, at 8:00 p.m. Guess the Penangites eat nasi kandar round the clock.

We did not eat nasi kandar though. I was introduced to Hameediyah famous briyani this time. And I managed to finally get to eat squid eggs after failing to get them from other places before this.

squid eggs

Even though the restaurant was old, the dining hall was modern and clean which I think should be of utmost important.

The food was prepared at the ground floor and the order will be transported upstairs by a pulley machine near the stairs.

The meeting was brief and I should thank Mr. Asrulnizam for the time and company for the evening. I just wonder when will we get to see each other again but we can always make it happen in the future when the time is right.

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