Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This week is meet-my- friends-and-ex-students-week. Since Mr. Ismaz (I don't know how to spell the longer version of the name) was here in JB, so that was the best time to sit down and talk. The last time we met was in KL, October last year. He is one of my few male coursemates from UPM and has been in regular contact (although not that frequent) since then. This time, it was Sup Utara, the latest eatery in Taman Universiti that I have set my eyes on for a couple of weeks. Tasty soup, conducive surrounding and most importantly reasonable price, this can be a perfect place to hang out later. Nevertheless, it was already almost midnight so we had to call it a day but the session will be continued later because according to Irwin Sarason, good friends are good for your health.