Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My very first Eid card via the post for this year arrived at last and it was from Sharmin. And after almost 3 weeks of fasting, I only got ONE card in my mailbox. How things have changed. Last time, sending greeting cards was a must for everybody. However, with the advanced technology, people have opted for a much more cheaper method. They just send sms to wish each other. I still remember how exciting it would be coming back from school to open envelopes, trying to figure out from whom the cards were coming from. Sending and replying greeting cards is a friendly gesture, and it is like the more you give, the more you receive. The acts seemed to be very simple but a lot of effort had to be put in doing that, from buying the cards, writing pantuns (Malay rhyming prose) and going to the post office to get stamps and post them. Too sad, sooner or later, sending greeting cards is not going to be a tradition anymore in the society and at the same time, we are losing some kind of excitement in celebrating the festive season. And I am yet to buy a card for Sharmin tomorrow.