Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sometimes I just run out of things to write. Therefore I have decided to do review of movies that I have watched at the cinema. At least I might help you choose what to watch if you just have doubt about a certain film showing. Mind you, I am not a professional film critique so don't blame me if my opinion might mislead you. Well, one man's meat is another man's poison.

The last movies I watched were Transformers and Terminator Salvation. This time I went to watch G.I. Joe with Wan Iznif. This is a must watch for action movie lovers. I thought the Joes were just ordinary soldiers but how wrong I was. As usual, they are equipped with hi-tech gadgets that make them some sort of superheroes. There are a lot of shooting and running, vehicles exploding and flying everywhere, glass shattering and aircrafts firing bullets in the sky and in the water non-stop. Superb computer graphic effects that would make you believe these kinds of things really exist in the real world. Very high entertainment value, a movie worth watching and paying the tickets for. Do I sound convincing enough?