Tuesday, September 8, 2009


While many people just disappear and no longer can be heard after they have left school, a few still stay around and get connected to their teachers. Thanks to Hadi who is still willing to come and see me after all these years. The last time we met was like one year back when his brother got married and he was too busy at that time. So went to meet him with Sharmin (see him from my posting about my visit to Melbourne) at one of the eating places here. Definitely not a rendezvous because by definition it should be a secret meeting, but the word just sounds nice and I guess it must have originated from French. Well, too many updates of the present and too much reminiscing of the past, and yet too little time. If you look closely, the chairs had already been put on the tables and it was about time for us to go home. Hadi is going back to France this Saturday so hopefully will meet him again some time next year. I wonder whether I will still have enough time (to save money) to visit him there.