Friday, October 23, 2009


[NOTE: Sorry, I could only update the blog only after I had arrived home from KL. In fact, too many things to write and yet too little time]

members of the excursion group in front of the hotel

We started the day early on the second day as there were many places to be visited. We first went to Telaga Tujuh but just stopped just for a short while.

A more exciting stop would be the Langkawi Cable Car, for me at least. This time I managed to go up the hill or rather known as Gunung Machinchang. I went here twice before but was not allowed entry for certain technical reasons. The best thing about the ride was the spectacular view that you could see from the gondola or either from the observation deck or the bridge. And we managed to pet the rabbits in the park before we went out from that place. We just bought a small packet of sliced carrots (which cost RM1) to lure the cute furry animals.

you could find burned rice here, if you were lucky enough

it is believed that Mahsuri was killed at this very spot
a new PM in the making

Then we went to Padang Matsirat to see whether we can find any burned rice on the ground before stopping for lunch. Right after that, we moved to Galeri Perdana, where the presents received by Tun Dr Mahathir were put on display for the public. I definitely need more time if I have to really feast my eyes on the large collection of things you could never imagine could be presented as gifts. I am thinking of having a gallery for my Teachers' Day gifts but will there be people who want to see?

love the carpet!
it's a bird...

The trip to Langkawi would not be complete if photo was not taken in front of the eagle monument in Dataran Lang. Then only we went for a shopping spree in Kuah town.

I was lucky enough because I got to meet Zanariah, my ex-coursemate from UPM, who is now residing in Langkawi. She was kind enough to take me to a seafood restaurant for dinner with her parents and four kids. Thanks, Ana! ... And what a long day for me, really.