Monday, October 26, 2009


I bought this book when I was in KL recently. I was reading it during breaks in between meeting sessions and managed to finish it within five days, which was actually a record for me.

This book is a totally different genre from Archer's previous works. No twist in the tale this time, it tells a journey of George Mallory, the first Englishman who was believed to have successfully reached Mount Everest. However, some thought that he did not make it because he was found dead at the end of the expedition, so there was no evidence he had set foot on the peak of the mountain. The book was written with careful description of a mountaineer based on true historical facts but yet it was quite exciting to read through until the end. Nevertheless, as the conflicts were not that intense and the story was very straightforward, it makes the novel a bit dry if compared to his other masterpiece. Still a very good read though, and that has proven that I am now addicted to Archer's.