Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have never done any open house for Eid. One reason is I do not know how many people to invite; the other reason I do not know how much food should be prepared. And from my experience and observation, people go to open house to eat and once that is done, they will go away. It means there is less time chatting and catching up to do with each other. Nevertheless, I always try to invite my male colleagues to come over for a tahlil during the month of Eid so that I can do two things at one time. Tahlil is a practice when we recite the prayer for the family members who have passed away and at the same time asking for God's blessing for our every day life. And of course after that, the host will prepare food for the visitors. I managed to squeeze in this event just a few days before Eid is over and even my Chinese and Indian friends came over. Thanks to Mr. Tham, Mr. Sin and Mr. Punithan for realizing the vision of One Malaysia (which is nothing new actually). I guess if Dato' Seri Najib is reading my blog, he will be a happy man.

a formal picture fits for our school magazine

Hope to see you all again next year, for the same gathering.