Saturday, October 24, 2009


going home on the ferry

So after spending two nights in Langkawi, it was time to go home but not after having a short stop in Alor Star, Kedah. We first went to the Paddy Museum, an educational site for you to learn everything about paddy. Going to the upper level of the museum, you can observe the beautiful surrounding of a paddy field seen from atop of a hill which is actually a very large painting drawn on a wall. You just have to stand on the rotating platform and watch the process of paddy planting until it is harvested. The exhibits of paddy-related things can be found on the ground floor.

welcome to Muzium Padi

a picturesque scenery of a paddy field painted on a wall
it is already dusk

good buffalo, good buffalo...

Pekan Rabu, Alor Star

We had lunch at Pekan Rabu, a place where you could get traditionally produced goods and food like salted and pickled fish, dodol, bahulu, preserved fruit etc. And the price is much cheaper here. So that was the trip to Langkawi for this time. Actually, while the rest were heading back straight home to Johor Bahru, I had to stop in Kuala Lumpur because I had to attend a meeting the very next day, but that was another story in another update.