Friday, October 30, 2009


food, food, glorious food

In conjunction with the recent Deepavali, another pot luck was held in the staffroom. But they called it high-tea because the food was prepared by our Indian colleagues so we did not have to bring anything. So this time, we got to taste Indian cuisines like idli and putu mayam which was eaten with either brown sugar and grated coconut or curry, and not forgetting muruku. That was my first time eating idli, which was tasty. The taste was similar to tose but instead of being fried on a hot pan, it was steamed. It had this tender and smooth texture like vadeh, best eaten with curry and then you could savour the melting taste of it in your mouth.

happy faces

with Miss Indra

So thank you to Mr. Narasimman, Mr. Punithan and Miss Indra who had prepared the hi-tea for us. I guess we still have time for one more pot luck before the long school holidays.