Monday, October 12, 2009


Most of the time, we get too busy teaching according to the syllabus or to make sure students are able to get high marks for exam until we forget the fun element in teaching and learning. So when the PMR exam was going on and my students did not have to attend school, I intentionally asked the form one and two students to come to watch a classic movie: The Sound of Music. 2KP1 came on Friday and 1KP1 on Monday. Not even half of each of the class turned up but I was still quite happy with the response.

The computer lab that was turned into a cineplex for a day
I closely observed their response while viewing this old movie. When Maria first appeared on the screen and delivered her first song, everybody was laughing, as I had been expecting. Of course, this movie is no High School Musical. However, as the story was progressing, their eyes were glued on the screen and in the end, they all had a very good time. I guess the English subtitles did a good job in assisting them to have a better understanding of the dialogues and they were all reading and laughing throughout the show.

outside the lab

I am already thinking of The King and I for the next video viewing session.