Friday, April 23, 2010


This was the third appointment and it was in the afternoon, and there was no other choice as the morning session was for diabetic patients. I was scheduled to meet the doctor at 3:00 p.m. so I went there right after the Friday prayer.

at this moment, the line had grown shorter

I thought I was an early bird but when I arrived, I could see two long lines had already been formed outside the entranc. As soon as the door was opened, people rushed in to get to Counter A which was actually quite irritating. At Counter A, you will get your number and then you will be asked to go to Counter B.

waiting at Counter B

At this station, you will have to wait for your number before you are asked to see the doctor. If you are non-government servant, you will need to pay RM1 (only RM1?) here before you proceed.

in front of the doctor's room

The last stage of the waiting game is sitting in front of the doctor's room for your number to be called. It was not that long actually, I even had the time to get lunch right after the appointment, and that is another story. By the way, I was asked to go and get the result for my blood test once I entered the doctor's room but I did not manage to snap the photo there because the place was quite open, and I did not have to wait for long.

From what I know, people are prohibited to take photographs in the hospital unless they have changed the regulation. Nevertheless, I am of a different case. I am now a part-time paparazzi.