Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some Malay words are just difficult to be translated into English, like the word "rezeki". I define "rezeki" as a gift from God that is given when you are least expecting it. The analogy: while you are walking, suddenly you see a RM50 note lying on the street. "Rezeki" can come in many forms and sizes, it can be big and small (quantitatively speaking), it can be in the form of money, food, promotion - anything that can make you happy and be thankful for what you get.

So while we were in the midst of our angklung practice, someone hopped in with a bagful of KFC. Definitely a surprise, a small party was called. Then, some kind teachers gave us extra packed food (mee siam) from other activities held in school, making our feast more complete - and we even managed to get cold drinks from the canteen, another "leftover". It was something really unexpected but we enjoyed ourselves just the same.

posing with the food that was yet to be eaten

Thank you Iqballuqman (actually his father and/or mother) for the generosity. And we will pray for your prosperity and good health in return.

"He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much."
~ Lao Tze ~