Sunday, April 25, 2010


as the first round was about to start

It is really difficult to carry out activities in school. We have to find any free Saturday and Sunday which are free from any programmes. At last, the school's Chess Club managed to organize the chess competition for this year today. We hope that we can get more people to play chess and at the same time, recruit new chess players for the chess team.

a few of the committee members on duty
Today's competition was divided into three categories: boys under 15, boys under 18 and girls. Many people turned up to take part. There were about 120 students who came to participate.

with Vivian, ex-president and ex-MSSM player

people who stayed right until the end, with Ms. Quek and a few ex-students who were once the Chess Club committee members and chess players

I must say that I am proud of the Chess Club committee members as they could carry out activities on their own with little assistance and supervision from the teachers, year in and year out. Congratulations to everybody who has made today's event a success, especially to the committee members.