Saturday, April 10, 2010


An event which everyone was waiting for, at least for students and teachers who were actively involved in co-curricular activities, would be the marching competition for uniformed bodies. This year 11 teams competed to win the title of the best marching platoon after all the hard work which had started as early as January (for some).

the participants while waiting for the result

I was indirectly involved with the technical side of the competition so I was quite occupied during the early stage of the competition, leaving the Kadet Bomba boys to survive on their own. At first, the sky was dark with black clouds which left everyone worried sick to the stomach. Fortunately, it did not rain and it was actually a blessing because the students could perform in a cooler weather. And I could only snap the photographs towards the end of the event.

the seniors who came to give their support

A few Kadet Bomba seniors who have left school came to give their support for the team. It is amazing how this kind of activities could bring people back together though we are already separated by time and space.
students who came to watch the competition

All the students were invited to watch. Nevertheless, the attendance was not that encouraging, most probably because the Second Standardized Test is going to be held this coming Monday. Still, the spectators enjoyed the show and I guessed they had a good time after all, based on their applause and screams.
with colleagues
surrounded by the Red Crescent Society
WITH Hanif, the best platoon commander of the competition

So, the Kadet Bomba boys won the coveted title for this year which was actually a relief because we only secured the third place last year. The second, third and fourth place went to Girls' Police Cadet, St. John's Ambulance and Boys' Police Cadet, respectively. Hanif from our team was also announced as the best Platoon Commander for this year's competition. So all the hard work had finally paid off but this is not the ending yet. With a few months left, hopefully we will have some more time for more activities.