Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is a regular event organized in school annually to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). However, this year things were a bit different because the event was carried out in the evening. All this while, it had always been done in the morning. The students started to arrive before 5:00 p.m. in their best clothes so that was also the best time to get ourselves photographed.

while waiting for the rain to stop, taking as many photos as possible

Unfortunately, the weather was not that good. It already started raining heavily in the afternoon so we expected for the sky to get brighter later that day but how wrong we were. It continued on raining and in a way it disrupted the planning as the occasion had to be done in Dataran Kejat - an open assembly area. Based on the weather, we thought that many students would not turn up.

with the nasyid group
students who were there

Surprisingly, this year's celebration witnessed the biggest attendance ever. Many students made their way to school despite the rain. Congratulations to everyone who had come and participated. We teachers were very happy about that.

with the male colleagues
with more students

As usual, the earlier programmes were the presentation of souvenirs to teachers who took part in aqiqah (something like donating parts of a slaughtered animal on behalf of a newborn to show gratitude), students' presentations such as nasyid (singing religious songs) performance and poetry recitations, and lastly the presentation of certificates to teachers and students in conjunction with this event.

briyani in the tray
sharing is caring

We had our Maghrib prayers as a group (jemaah) and followed by the special food prepared. It was nasi briyani (briyani rice) cooked by our own Principal's husband. There was a rewang session in the morning - when teachers, students and staff came to help prepare the ingredients for the food before it was cooked. We ate the briyani in a tray shared by four people with the hope that it could strengthen the relationship between the people. So it is true that food can bring people together. By the way, thanks to Syafiq, Faiz and Rahmat for inviting me to join them because I was there actually to monitor, but I would never say "no".

with Syukri, happy after the feast

After the meal, it was still raining but the show must go on. We had a talk related to the Prophet, delivered by Ustaz Rifqi, and it was done in the rain which kept falling with no sign of stopping. Nevertheless, the students were sitting and listening right until the end. So I guess, it was a successful event for both the teachers and students. Hopefully, we have all gained some benefits, especially after listening to the talk.

And to those who suggested and thought that I deserved this recognition, I did not know how to thank you enough. But I did what I was supposed to do, and not more than that - and with the assistance with other fellow colleagues. But it was great when you are appreciated once in a while.