Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is a late review. I went to watch this movie on a Wednesday, on the last day of my medical leave as I had nothing else to do and I was feeling much better after the surgery. I was hoping to get a discounted ticket (which happens every Wednesday) but I was told the movie was screened in 3D and the ticket cost RM18. So I paid for it quite reluctantly.

The story is about the main character Gru, a scientist, who initially was a bad person and his ultimate plan was to steal the moon. To do this he had another competitor by the name of Vector, who also shared the same dream. In order to steal one of the gadgets, the shrink ray, from Vector's house, Gru had to get other people as cover-ups and he "adopted" three girls - Margo, Agnes and Edith from the orphanage who would do that by selling cookies to Vector. This was when the real adventure began when Gru started to love the children and had turned into a real loving person - something that was unexpected of him, especially with his bulky and not-so-good-looking feature. All's well that ends well.

Superb graphic and animation, beautiful storyline and real funny, a movie that must not be missed. It was worth my RM18.

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