Saturday, August 21, 2010


I can only go to the Ramadhan bazaar during the weekend because school ends quite late. With the crowd and difficulty to park the car, I don't dare to trouble myself and not be able to break fast on time at home. The nearest one to my house is located in Kampung Melayu and every year, people will flock this area.

Basically, during the bazaar, there will be lots on food put on sale. Fasting should be an activity that abstain a person from spending more than what is necessary but looking at the variety of food, the temptation could be just too strong too resist. And I have to confess today I was a bit extravagant, the first time ever in this month but it was alright as I needed to eat more after the hard work I did at home in the morning.

One of my favourite stalls is the one selling curry puffs (Malay: karipap) and there are just curry puffs with different fillings - sardine, potato, chicken etc. The curry puff is good because the pastry will remain crispy even after many hours after it is fried. There are many other stalls selling any food that you heart desire.

ayam percik
Malay dishes

drinks, and the green one known as Katira is a favourite for fasting month

variety of kuih (Malay delicacies)
asma rojak

more kuih


laksa penang

ayam percik


grilled fish

By looking at the photographs, you will understand why it is important to have a very strong will to restrain yourself from buying everything. The best thing is not to go, or at least not frequently.

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  1. i just uploaded pics of the ramadhan bazaar in TTDI on facebook. check it out! :)