Friday, August 20, 2010


It is already the end of sixth week of the semester in UTM. This time, I have been given a group of students from "Fakulti Kejuruteraan Awam" - translate: the Faculty of Civil Engineering. My class comprises of 34 students, and there are more international students. There are people from Somalia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Palestine etc. One good thing about this faculty is it is easy to find a parking space even in the bright daylight. But the negative side of it, if for example, I need to have a replacement class at night and need to book a room, I have to write in and ask for permission which is definitely a tedious task to do.

a few minutes before 8 in the morning, my car is the only one visible at the parking lot

There is a big change for the course taught this semester. Students have to use new textbooks and there is a change in the course outline, content and evaluation. Therefore, I have to do some homework before going to class. There are also listening activities which require the teacher to carry the notebook, speakers (and extension wire) to class but I enjoy this session a lot because in a way someone else is reading for me from the CD. I wanted to shift the classes at night like what I used to do before but the students insisted to carry out the lessons in the morning. Nevertheless, the irony of it, attendance up until now is very poor (if compared to my previous classes) and people always come late every time.

We are almost halfway through the semester but I am still hoping for things to improve. Or perhaps, should I be a stricter teacher, like I am in school?


  1. oh look my old faculty! and ur car is the 1st there coz students like me park at 8.15am for 8am classes. teehee

  2. iman - i am wondering why am i the only person to have a class at 8 on a monday morning.

  3. we usually request from the lecturer to change the 8AM classes to 10AM. hehe