Monday, August 16, 2010


Many of my friends have posted pictures of food and dishes they have prepared on Facebook and that inspired me to come up with this entry. Nevertheless, I must confess, I am not a good cook so I will just show the simplest edible thing that I have prepared in the kitchen. So now, let's see how you can prepare your own Cikgu Zainal's Milky Carrot Juice.

The ingredients are carrots, of course, evaporated milk and sugar.

First of all, skin the carrots and cut them into smaller pieces so that they can fit into the juicer.

Then, extract the carrot juice using the fruit juicer.

With 4 carrots, I managed to get about 350 ml of juice. Add some water as the juice is quite thick, and add the evaporated milk and sugar to sweeten the drinks.

Put some ice cubes and it is best to serve the drinks cold. Voila! You will sure be happier to break your fast of the day with the fruits of your labour.
I am thinking of writing a cooking book already. Until then.

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