Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After the great respomse (a lie) received from the blog readers for my previous out of the world (exaggeration) recipe of Cikgu Zainal's Milky Carrot Drinks, here is another description on how to prepare Bandung Laksmana drinks.

The ingredients are evaporated milk, rose syrup, a bit of sugar and fermented tapioca (Malay: tapai). First, mesh the fermented tapioca in a container. Then add other ingredients, i.e. the milk and rose syrup but make sure do not add too much of them. Add in more water and a bit of sugar if it is not sweet enough. You can make it more hip by adding some ice-cream soda to make it a fizzy drinks. Lastly, put in a few ice cubes as the drinks is best served cold.

There you are, one of my favourites and it is highly addictive. The word to describe this concoction: rejuvenating. Believe me, you cannot find this in any of the Ramadhan Bazaar. Happy trying.