Thursday, December 30, 2010


There was a string of meetings for four days non-stop. It was not something that everyone was happy about but that was a part of our responsibilities. Just wish that there will be not many more meetings that need to be attended in the future.

The second meeting was still held in Kolej Tun Razak in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and this time the other three senior assistant teachers were given the chance to speak. We also had the appointment of the new committee members for the Staff Room Club for the year 2011.

Another meeting for teachers was held yesterday in school where teachers sat together in groups according to the subjects they teach. This one, thank god, was a brief one. I forgot to take photos.

And today, the 4t meeting, was the academic audit meeting for the afternoon teachers and those teaching form three. Here, the teachers discussed the students' performance in the final exam for the year 2010. There was some heated debate (or discussion) among the group members but that was done for a good cause. At the same time, everyone stayed awake right until the end.

There should be one more meeting tomorrow but lucky our friends in the morning session Friday is declared a public holiday when our national football team won the tournament so it is postponed.

NOTE: photos taken from the ones on my Facebook wall, either from Puan Yusidah's or Puan Yasirah's cameras.